In collaboration with the Charlie Braveheart Foundation and Studio Bibi van der Velden, Dutch designer Josephine de Fijter has conceptualized a sensory object. That aims to prevent the child from enduring a traumatizing experience during medical care.

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Club venue De School in Amsterdam feels the urge to devote itself to providing presentation space, a cultural stage that moves between the experiment of showing both established ad up-an-coming talent in the art and culture sector. Josephine was commissioned to design an installation that builds forward on the exhibition 'Regeneration' curated by Studio Uncoated around being conscious of the Self.

Visual Wash is an audio-visual installation based on the Tibetan philosophy of ''Dzogchen''. Which believes that when we are conscious of our inner-selves that we do not need externalities to make ourselves happy.

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In 2018 ADE handed over a part of their art platform to creators in order to address important social and political issues within their work. Josephine examined the topic of ''identity''; how we can balance our role in the social system while discovering our identity. How connected to the ‘Self’ are people willing to be?

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