About Josephine de Fijter

''I believe that experiential social design can have a positive influence on our well-being''.


Holistic Design for Emotional awareness

I see myself as a social designer that creates sensory spatial installations for human beings to communicate and perceive their environment. A place for deep discovery of one’s emotions by the technique of utilizing sensory triggers. I find it intriguing that we are living in a socio-economic society whereby topics that touch upon the emotions are still swept under the carpet. But where does this bring us?


Mindfulness and mental health are very much on the agenda. No less than 17,3 percent of the Dutch workforce (1.3 million people) suffer from severe symptoms of burnout. Countless reports are revealing the benefits of self-care methods on mind, body, and soul. But there is a multi-billion-dollar industry behind the various tech options, healing products, and self-care retreats. What is the role of design to make people understand that consumerism is not the solution to their problems? Perhaps through design people can become aware that the human being consists of all necessary means to heal itself and to create a healthier lifestyle for oneself.


2020 / Regeneration / De School Amsterdam

2018 / The Photo Room / Amsterdam Dance Event

Certified Dutch Designer

Proud member of the Association of Dutch Designers (Beroepsvereniging Nederlandse Ontwerpers)


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