The Photo Room

Josephine conceptualized ''The Photo Room'', a new type of white cube setting, constructing integrated visual art & soundscapes in an overall Art experience. Taking the viewer by the hand and giving a new perspective on contemporary photography. Collaborating with 12 emerging artists, Josephine curated the photography and animations according to 4 chapters. With these chapters, she is addressing the social struggle of ‘defining your identity’. Her aim was to tell this story whilst giving photo

talent a platform.


''As a curator for emerging photography, I noticed how extremely difficult it is to get people engaged with the medium. The gross amount of talented photographers only use Instagram to showcase their work. Thus I wanted to develop a physical location for their work to be shown to an audience they would hardly reach via popular online mediums such as Instagram''.

Art Direction: Josephine de Fijter

Sound Design: Atelier Francesco

Animation & edit: Leonardo Franke

Certified Dutch Designer

Proud member of the Association of Dutch Designers (Beroepsvereniging Nederlandse Ontwerpers)


© 2020 Josephine de Fijter. 

Company registration: (NL) 65661451